Luxembourg 2 euro

(year of imprint: 2009)

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design: All the Luxembourg coins bear the profile of His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri. They also bear the year of issue and the word “Luxembourg” written in Luxembourgish (“Lëtzebuerg”).

Edge lettering of the €2 coin: 2**, repeated six times, alternately upright and inverted.

quality: uncirculated

issuing volume: only 240.000 coins!!!


Selection: Luxembourg 2 euro

Product no. year of imprint Status Price
KM-LUX-200-2002 2002
3.50 € *
KM-LUX-200-2004 2004
3.50 € *
KM-LUX-200-2009 2009
3.50 € *
gross prices, plus delivery
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